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Prefabricated house prefab home prefab house

Prefabricated house prefab home prefab house

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A light gauge steel framing building is lightweight and ductile, In an earthquake, the ductility of steel framing can not only weaken seismic reaction, but also deform itself to resist violent earthquake since it is made of better elastic materials.
Dry-type green construction is adopted for a light gauge steel farming building to avoid damage to the environment. The construction process is clean and green. 100% of the steel materials can be recycled; above 80% of the supporting materials can be recycled; all building components and parts are made of energy saving and environment-friendly materials, featured by no pollution, low energy consumption and high energy efficiency.
A light gauge steel framing building is produced at factory, saving time and labor. compared to(reinforced concrete) structure, a steel framing has a smaller column Section and thinner walls, which can increase usable floor area by 3% to 5% bringing additional economic benefits to investors.
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