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Luxury Villa Prefabricated Prefab House

Luxury Villa Prefabricated Prefab House

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Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure, the steel structure has high strength and light weight, and has good seismic resistance due to the homogeneity and toughness of the steel material.
Compared with the wood structure, the cost of the steel structure can be saved by one-third, which has an absolute price advantage. In addition, in hot and humid areas, wood-structured buildings are prone to termites, which is not conducive to firm and safe structure, and the steel structure can well eliminate this problem.
Material Light Gauge Steel/OSB Board/ Fiberglass insulation/FC board/ Plaster board
Exterior cladding WPC & Rendering cladding
Floor Laminated Wood Flooring/ Ceramic tiles
Roof Steel roofing
Window tempered glass Aluminum alloy windows
Door Aluminum alloy sliding doors/ Wood interior door
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