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Standard size fire rated waterproof ceiling 12mm thick gypsum board price

Standard size fire rated waterproof ceiling 12mm thick gypsum board price

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Gypsum board for ceiling and wall 
Match with steel profiles:stud,track,channel,angle


Gypsum board for ceiling and wall


1. Light weight: in favor of anti-shake and save building cost.
2. Keep warm and heat insulation: special lacunaris structure.
3. Fireproof: gypsum core is noncombustible,absorb heat to postpone rise of temperature around when meet fire.
4. Sound insulation: special cavum structure, improve sound absorption performance at large degree.


1.Standard Type(ivory protective paper), 
2.Fire Resistant type (red protective paper), 
3.Moisture Resistant type (green protective paper);



WIDTH 1200mm 1220mm            
LENGTH 1800mm 1830mm 2000mm 2400mm 2440mm  2500mm  3000mm  
THICKNESS 7.5mm 9mm 9.5mm 10mm 12mm 12.5mm 15mm 15.9mm



Technical Performance

Item Standard value  Actual value
Weight per unit
--- Thickness(mm) Normal Fire proof Water proof
>9.5 9.5 7.7 8.3 8.2
>12.0 12 9.4 9 10.3
>15.0 15 11.6 11.8 ---
Rupture load(N) Vertical Horizontal Thickness (mm) Vertical Horizontal
<360 <140 9.5 513 171
<500 <180 12 684 213
<650 <220 15 781 281
Protect paper joint with core material Not naked Not naked
Stability of meeting fire(for fire proof board) <20 >20
Soap up ratio(%)(for fire proof board) >10 Thickness (mm) Soap up ratio
9.5 7.2
12(12.7) 8.5
Inner irradiation ratio  type direction materials  
Outer irradiation ratio type direction materials  
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