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20ft Double wings customized prefab container house manufacturers

20ft Double wings customized prefab container house manufacturers

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***Please negotiate with the buyer to confirm the detailed specifications before placing an order, all styles can be customized

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Prefabricated Housing
Can be customized
2 bedrooms, 1living room, 1 kitchen, 1bathroom / also can be customized
Can be customized according to your needs
Galvanized steel structure with sandwich panel wall and doors,windows,etc.
Advantage (1) Fast installation: save labor cost;
(2) Anti-rust: all material use hot glavanized steel;
(3) Waterproof: without wood ceiling,wall;
(4) Fireproof:Fire rating A grade
(5) Simple foundation:just need concrete bolck foundation;
(6) Wind-resistant(11 level) and anti-seismic(9 grade)

Product Features:

20 feet 40 feet modular prefab shipping container house expandable container homes. It can be used as office, meeting room, dormitory, shop, exhibition center in the fields of building, railway, highway, water conservancy project,electric power, business, tourism and military use. With decoration of external wall, slope roof container vocation house is all air-tight, heat-tight, warm-keeping, water-proof and anti-corrosive.



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