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European Style Plastic Folding Windows/Vinyl Folding Windows/Folding Glass Windows

European Style Plastic Folding Windows/Vinyl Folding Windows/Folding Glass Windows

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Window Type
Folding Window
Aluminum/Thermal Break Aluminum/UPVC
6G+12A+6G or customized
Wall thickness
Sealing System
Insulation strip material
1.German brand: Roto, Siegenia, Geze 2.Chinese brand: Kinlong, Hopo
Surface Treatment
1.Powder coating 2.Anodized 3.Electrophoresis 4.Woodgrain 5.Fluorine carbon coating
Advantage of  RENOLIT film
① PMMA film
The unique SST solar thermal shielding technology reduces the influence of sunlight and heat on the profile surface, reduces the
temperature of the profile, so as to ensure that the profile is not deformed even under strong light, and ensure the air tightness
of the window.
② Printing ink
Rich color, texture realistic.
③PVC base
The exterior facade has strong resistance to color decay and does not fade or fall off. Easy to clean, as clean as new.
④PUR adhesive bottom layer
The solidification process is irreversible, the solidification strength is high, and the water resistance is good
* Surface materials imported from Germany;
* Real wood grain styles can be selected to save precious wood resources by means of science and technology;
* Surface weather resistance, acid resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance easy
to clean;
* In the outdoor normal service life of more than 30 years;
* SST solar thermal shielding technology, reduce the internal temperature of profiles;
* 50μm polyacrylate, resist 99% uv, improve the uv resistance of profiles, prolong the service life, 12000 hours of aging
resistance (xenon lamp) detection.
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