Away from the hustle and bustle, embrace nature, and embark on your houseboat life


Houseboats, a unique form of dwelling on the water, offer you an exceptional lifestyle. Escape the noise of the city, immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, and start your serene life on the rippling lake.

【Houseboat Living, Enjoy Comfort】

The interior of the houseboat is elegantly designed with fully equipped facilities, providing you with a comfortable home experience. A spacious living room allows you to relax and enjoy leisure time; a separate bedroom offers you a tranquil sleeping space; a well-equipped kitchen enables you to cook delicious meals.

【Houseboat Living, Unlimited Fun】

On the houseboat, you can indulge in the pleasures of water activities. In the morning, breathe fresh air on the deck and feel the warmth of the first rays of sunlight; during the day, navigate the houseboat to explore the mysteries of the lake and experience the natural scenery; at night, enjoy peaceful evenings under the starry sky and feel the charm of nature.

【Houseboat Living, Invest in the Future】

Houseboats are not only a unique living experience but also a valuable asset worth investing in. Houseboat values ​​continue to appreciate, providing you with substantial economic returns.

【Houseboat Living, Tailored for You】

We offer various types of houseboats to meet your different needs. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or pursue a luxurious experience, we can find the right houseboat for you.

Now, come and start your houseboat life!

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