Set sail and start a new life on the water: experience the unique charm of houseboat accommodation

Tired of the same cookie-cutter hotel stays?
Want to get close to nature and experience a different style?
Then come and experience houseboat accommodation!

Houseboat accommodation is a brand new way of accommodation, which allows you to enjoy the fun of life on the water, while also enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way and experiencing unique cultural customs.

Advantages of houseboat accommodation:
Close to nature: The houseboat floats on the water, allowing you to feel the charm of nature at all times. You can watch the sunrise and sunset, feel the sparkling water, listen to the crashing waves, and breathe in the fresh air.
Unique experience: Houseboat accommodation is different from traditional hotel accommodation, it allows you to experience a new lifestyle. You can lie in bed and enjoy the scenery outside the window, or you can sunbathe on the deck. You can also fish, swim, etc. and enjoy the fun of water activities.
Cultural customs: Houseboat accommodation allows you to experience local cultural customs. You can visit villages and historic sites along the way, taste local food, and feel the local folk customs.

Our houseboat:
Our carefully built houseboats are equipped with comfortable facilities and complete equipment to make you feel at home. The houseboat has spacious bedrooms, bathrooms with showers, kitchenettes, living rooms, etc., which can meet your various needs.

contact us:
WhatsApp: +8613204022540

Accommodation in a houseboat will make your trip more exciting!
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