Looking at those who want to build light steel integrated prefabricated villas

The energy-saving and seismic resistant building system of light steel villas is standardized production of all components by professional factories. All materials are new energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, and the accuracy of component dimensions is measured in millimeters, which fully guarantees the quality and quality of the building and provides sufficient guarantee for comprehensive promotion, application, and industrialization.
The energy-saving and seismic resistant building system of the light steel villa is formed by connecting the light steel structure skeleton with the internal and external maintenance plates through galvanized self tapping screws, forming a very sturdy "plate rib structure system". This structural system has superior earthquake resistance and horizontal load resistance, allowing residents to rest assured in the face of unpredictable earthquake and natural disasters.
The energy-saving and seismic resistant housing system of a light steel villa has walls that can regulate indoor air humidity, and the roof has good ventilation function to ensure good comfort of the house.
The weight of light steel villa is light, only about one fifth of that of brick concrete structure houses, and about one eighth of that of reinforced concrete structure houses. Therefore, the cost of foundation construction can be greatly reduced. The foundation of light steel structure houses is generally strip foundation. Light steel roof trusses are composed of various combinations of light steel components, generally including triangular and T-shaped roof trusses, which can easily and flexibly achieve various complex roof shapes. The general roof adopts colorful asphalt tiles, which have excellent waterproof functions and highlight aesthetics and quality. Light steel villas are waterproof with their strength, so there's no need to worry!

There are also significant differences between light steel villas and prefabricated houses. The prefabricated house is easy to assemble and easy to load and unload, mainly suitable for various temporary houses, with a short service life and not suitable for long-term living. For example: office and accommodation rooms for construction site workers, single mobile sentry booths, newspaper booths, military camps, campsites, etc; The service life of light steel villas can reach 70 years, mainly suitable for villa houses with five floors or less, medium to high-end clubs and leisure places, self built houses and villas in rural suburbs, residential communities, etc. Suitable for long-term residence.

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