What are the advantages of light steel structure houses compared with traditional houses?

The well-known light-steel structure houses and residences use load-bearing steel, while traditional houses are load-bearing with brick walls. So what are the advantages of light steel structure houses in comparison?
1. Able to arrange the space reasonably and layout the room
Light-steel structure houses take advantage of the high strength of steel, and the design can be arranged in large bays, and the building planes can be separated to meet the needs of different users. Traditional houses can only be built with layouts based on load-bearing walls.
2. High utilization rate of steel structure residential space
In terms of space utilization, the section of the steel structure is small. Steel structure buildings are more flexible and rich, and the indoor space is larger.
3. Light, good shock resistance.
The building floor of the same building area, the weight of the steel structure house is light. Steel has ductility and can better dissipate the energy brought by earthquakes, so it has good seismic performance. High structural safety.
4. Economic advantages of steel structure housing
Due to the light weight of the steel structure house, the basic cost is reduced, the overall material is reduced, the direct cost is reduced, and the construction period is short, which can greatly save the construction period and reduce the overhead cost.
5. Easy to transform, long life
During the use of light steel structure houses, it is easier to adjust whether it is reinforcement, height connection, partition, etc., and it is also convenient to demolish and relocate. It can be recycled and reused many times. It is environmentally friendly, flexible and convenient, and the steel structure has a long service life. After the steel is scrapped, 100% waste can be recycled. Traditional houses are not only troublesome to dismantle, but also cause a lot of garbage to have nowhere to put it.
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