[Light steel. House] How far is the new light steel environmental protection house from us?

When we watch American dramas, we are very envious of the small villas that Americans live in. Many people live in small second-floor houses. They are spacious, bright, beautiful and unique, and everyone loves them. Everyone wants them, but many people feel that this is just a dream. , is still far away from us.
Such a villa is right next to us, because during the 30 years of rapid economic development in our country, the housing industry in our country has developed greatly, and the Internet has entered the homes of ordinary people. Turn on the computer or take out the mobile phone, and the new light steel house is right beside us.
The kind of villa that Americans live in is simply called new light steel house. The new light steel house has been widely recognized by people because of its superior safety, unimaginable comfort and wide adaptability. It has been popularized in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan for many years. In the 1980s, our country began to develop our own new type of light steel house. First, we introduced advanced foreign manufacturing technology, and then remodeled the house according to the living habits of Chinese people. At present, it is a new type of light steel house suitable for people in the north and south. housing.
1. Why do we introduce|introduce new light steel houses?
There are three main reasons why we want to introduce new light steel houses. One is that our traditional houses are not safe because they do not have earthquake resistance, but the new light steel houses are different. A simple example can illustrate the problem. Earthquakes in my country often cause great casualties, while earthquakes in the United States, Japan and other countries rarely report injuries. The second is that our traditional houses are not environmentally friendly, because the materials of traditional houses are mainly red bricks and cement, which are high-pollution and high-energy-consuming materials. The third is that our traditional houses have a short service life, and the shape is very unattractive. The general house will become dangerous after 30 years of use.
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