Light steel houses will definitely be the development trend of future buildings

Prefabricated buildings have gone from little-known to hot. Moreover, due to the arrival of the wave of population aging, the price of labor force has been continuously rising, and the application range of prefabricated light steel houses has also expanded from public buildings and civil buildings to business, commercial, tourist villas and other fields.
1. How big is the market size?
1. Private housing market
Due to the improvement of economic capacity, old-fashioned brick-concrete houses can no longer meet people's requirements for living and living. The number of new urban villas and rural single-family houses is about 3 million units each year, corresponding to the short-term penetration rate of light steel houses. The demand for light steel houses in the market segment will be around 900,000 in 2020. In the medium and long term in the future, the annual demand for light steel houses will exceed 1.2 million units.
2. Tourism market
Since the tourism industry is still in the stage of investment, this direction is only used as a short-term market growth driver. The investment in construction in 2020 will be about 130 billion yuan. According to estimates, it will bring a market value of about 11 billion yuan to light steel houses. As for hotel investment, due to the overall slowdown of the domestic hotel industry, there will be a market demand of about 680,000 square meters this year.
3. Pension market
According to the plan of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, there will be a maximum construction gap of 2.898 million in 2020. Based on this calculation, if the penetration rate is calculated at 15%, there will be 2.7 million square meters of new construction demand for light steel housing in the elderly care real estate. In general, combined with the above calculations, in the short-term stage of the next 3-5 years, the market size of light steel structure buildings will be around 10 billion, and in the long-term stage of 15-20 years, it will become a market of 100 billion.
2. Opportunities faced by light steel villas
1. The process of urbanization continues
There is still a lot of room for improvement in the housing conditions of the Chinese people. On the one hand, during the demolition of old cities and the migration of residents in the process of urbanization, the daily life of residents must be guaranteed, so for some areas with insufficient housing resources, a large number of housing units need to be completed quickly. On the other hand, the construction of the new city pays more attention to environmental protection and energy saving than before. This will further strengthen people's recognition of prefabricated buildings and expand the market share of prefabricated buildings.
2. The tourism and vacation industry is improving
With the increase of social wealth and the trend of consumption upgrading, the tourism consumption of Chinese nationals is in the stage of explosive growth. The tourism industry continues to heat up and is a new outlet for social investment. Among them, infrastructure construction, park construction, catering and shopping consumption projects are the main investment directions. Judging from this year's data, these fields are gradually becoming new growth points for prefabricated light steel buildings.
3. Aging is coming
Aging not only forces the development of prefabricated buildings at the level of labor resources, but also one of the important market segments at the level of demand. Although the vacancy rate of existing nursing homes still needs to be improved due to factors such as price and service integrity, overall, with the intensification of the aging phenomenon, there is still a lot of new nursing beds in the short term. Add space.
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