Light steel houses break through the traditional architectural form

In recent years, low-carbon, green, ecological, and environmental indicators have had a great impact on real estate. Some proposals for the construction of affordable housing in our country provide a very large space for the country to engage in housing industrialization. In the past two years, our country's labor costs have increased rapidly, which is directly related to our housing industry, that is, the construction of prefabricated houses.
From a traditional point of view, everyone's performance requirements for residential products are now getting higher and higher. In this case, various problems will occur if the traditional house construction method is still used. Therefore, light steel integrated houses can solve this problem to a large extent.

The light steel integrated house is a temporary and semi-permanent house product that is constructed of a light steel structure, movable, detachable, and reusable for multiple turnovers. Integrated housing is a new type of building structure system. All its construction adopts standardized and prefabricated design, and large-scale prefabrication is carried out through factory methods.

Compared with the temporary building with brick-concrete structure on the traditional construction site, the integrated house can be recycled and greatly improves the living environment on the construction site. Therefore, the technological breakthrough and application of integrated housing has changed the traditional building model, providing people with a safe, comfortable and green living place, and is a very environmentally friendly building product.
In fact, traditional buildings are also inseparable from integrated houses. The construction industry must first build houses for office space and workers’ accommodation before project development. These houses will be demolished when the project is completed. It has an impact, and there are few reusable materials during demolition, forming construction waste, causing waste and environmental problems. With the progress of the times, the improvement of working conditions, and the need to build a harmonious society, the country has higher requirements for the safety, applicability and living conditions of temporary construction sites.

Therefore, a large number of integrated houses and other forms of integrated houses are required in the construction process of a large number of buildings, structures and other projects and in the subsequent use process. In addition, a variety of light steel integrated houses that meet different requirements are required for outdoor sky leaking operations, disaster relief resettlement, and peak tourist periods.

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