What are the characteristics of light steel villa products?

01. Lightweight and convenient light steel villas
The structural materials used have high strength, thin thickness, low steel consumption (usually the overall steel consumption of low-rise buildings is within 30Kg/m2, and the steel consumption of multi-storey buildings is within 40Kg/m2), and the overall weight of the house is light, only traditional bricks About 1/5 of the mixed structure. The light weight of the structure reduces the transportation and hoisting costs, and the foundation load is also reduced accordingly, which reduces the foundation cost. It has low requirements on the foundation, especially suitable for harsh areas with complex terrain such as mountains, river beaches, sandy land, and islands.
02. Safe and durable
The light steel villa wall, roof truss structure and inner and outer wall panels form a solid plate rib structure, which greatly improves the ability to resist horizontal loads and vertical loads, so it has better earthquake resistance and wind resistance. Tests have proved that it can resist 9° earthquakes and hurricanes above level 12. The structural parts used are all made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, self-tapping screws are used for assembly, and no welding technology is used to effectively protect the integrity of the zinc film, so the corrosion resistance is excellent. In addition, all structural parts are enclosed in a water-tight composite wall, which will not corrode, mildew, or be afraid of insects, and the service life of the building can reach more than 100 years.
03. Energy saving and environmental protection
Light steel structures can be 100% recycled, and Tibetan steel is of great significance to the people. The wall and roof combination scheme with excellent performance provides excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and waterproof performance, and reduces energy consumption by 65% compared with traditional brick-concrete structures.
04. High degree of prefabrication, saving labor
All the building materials of the entire light steel inherited house can be mass-produced and prefabricated in a factory, with a high degree of mechanization and no wet work on site, truly realizing the industrialization of housing.

05. High quality, high comfort
Due to the use of excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and energy-saving structures and materials, the indoor living comfort is greatly improved. The built-in pipeline and the thinning of the wall effectively increase the usable area of the house (more than 10% higher than that of conventional brick-concrete). Coupled with the plasticity of the steel structure, the shape of the house can be complex, diverse and beautiful.
06. Mature technology and perfect supporting facilities
The introduction of advanced technology and years of practical experience have enabled our company to have a complete and mature system of technology, construction, quality control and after-sales service, and formed a stable and comprehensive supply chain of supporting materials.

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