The counterattack of the container ultra-high-tech container house

When it comes to container houses, you may not be unfamiliar with them for a long time. There are various container modified houses on the market. However, the design of the following container house (space capsule residence) will definitely surprise you.
The first is the upper and lower double-layer structure. The lower part adopts a modified and widened 9-meter-long container, and the upper part is a standard-sized 6-meter-long ordinary container. It looks like this:

This kind of design makes the second floor form a super large terrace, which is perfect for barbecue and leisure.
The appearance is not its main highlight, but the most shocking thing is: this seemingly small space has complete furniture, including bathroom, kitchen, living room, and even a chess and card room.
And integrated smart home modules, from indoor temperature to door and window switches, curtains to water heater preheating, smart lighting to audio, etc., all use smart home modules.
Enjoy the interior layout (rendering) :

Interior fine decoration.
At the same time, the design of this container took into account the large temperature difference between the north and the south of China.
The thermal insulation process of the wall has also been optimized accordingly, and advanced thermal insulation technologies such as polyurethane seamless filling, thermal insulation quilt, and reflective film have been adopted.
The heating of the house adopts multiple heating cables, which do not interfere with each other during work. An air conditioner is also installed for the hot summer. When the house is hot, you only need to turn on the air conditioner for a short time to maintain a comfortable temperature for a long time.
The kitchen is equipped with all the usual appliances and the set up includes - a hidden fridge and washing machine.

The design department of this house moved to the Technology Space Capsule House and told us that his original intention of designing the eating house was to allow people to experience life better.
People are not born just to go to work and make money! Space Capsule Residence is full of confidence in his container products, and even gave the house a foreign name: "Space Capsule Residence".
He feels that his house is like a space capsule: although it is small, it is fully functional and comfortable to lean on.


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