If you want to make a set of light steel villas, you must know these knowledge!

Product features of light steel prefabricated house villas

1. Earthquake resistance: It can resist rare earthquakes of 9°, and is suitable for areas with seismic intensity above 8°

2. Wind resistance: It can resist 70m/s hurricane, and the wind resistance level can reach 16

3. Durability: The life of the main structure can reach more than 100 years

4. Fire resistance: according to different designs, the fire resistance time can reach 1 to 4 hours

5. Sound insulation: the sound insulation of the outer wall can reach 65dB, and the sound insulation of the inner wall can reach 45dB

6. Thermal insulation: The thermal resistance of a 200mm thick composite wall can reach 3.2m2K/W, which is 11 times that of a brick wall of equal thickness

7. Environmental protection: 100% of steel structure materials can be recycled, and most of other supporting materials can be recycled

8. Energy saving: Using new materials for heat preservation and heat insulation, the energy required for heating and cooling can be saved by 65% compared with traditional buildings

9. Housing rate: Light steel integrated houses increase the usable area by 5% to 15% compared with traditional buildings

10. Construction period: The standardized assembly of light steel structure houses is simple and fast, saving 2/3 of the construction period compared with traditional structures.

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