Double Wing Expandable Container House: Your Mobile Home

The Double Wing Expandable Container House is a novel type of mobile residence featuring a foldable design that allows for a threefold expansion of living space within just 5 minutes. It possesses the following characteristics:

Flexibility and Convenience: The Double Wing Expandable Container House can be easily transported and installed, suitable for various scenarios, including:

Temporary Living: disaster relief, outdoor activities, vacationing, etc. House Extension: increasing living space without the need for extensive construction. Commercial Use: mobile offices, kiosks, exhibition halls, etc. Spacious Interior: After unfolding, the house can provide 20-30 square meters of usable area, meeting daily living needs.

Sturdy and Durable: The house is made of high-strength steel structures and eco-friendly composite materials, boasting features such as wind resistance, earthquake resistance, and fire retardation.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness: The house utilizes solar power and rainwater collection systems, achieving green energy efficiency.

The Double Wing Expandable Container House represents the new trend in future living, providing people with a more flexible, convenient, and comfortable way of life.

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Video Link:Expandable Container House already exported to Australia

Image Link: Applications of Double Wing Expandable Container House

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