What materials are there in container houses?

What materials are there in container houses?

The main materials of container houses are as follows:

1. Channel steel: 5X10 channel steel. Channel steel is used to weld the main beams around the upper and lower bottom of the container, similar to the ring beams when building a house.

2. Column: The thickness of the column of the container house is not less than 1mm. Columns require professional equipment for pressing. Channel steel and columns are the skeleton of the entire container house and play a supporting role. It plays a decisive role in the firmness of the house. The bottom of the container is all connected with square pipes, which further increases the firmness of the main structure of the container.

3. Corrugated board: Corrugated board is made of thin steel plate. The minimum thickness of corrugated board on the market is 0.6mm. There are two materials of black iron and galvanized sheet.

4. Floor: This is laid on the secondary beam at the bottom of the container, and can be directly stepped on in the future. If you carry out high-end decoration, you can also lay wooden floors, floor tiles, etc. on it.

5. Rock wool insulation layer: The rock wool insulation layer is added in the middle of the wall, which can reduce heat exchange and improve heat insulation performance. Must have fire performance. Rock wool color steel plates with iron sheets on both sides can also be used.

6. Doors and windows: doors and windows are generally made of plastic steel doors and windows, and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can also be installed.

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